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Although In this Spring the Violet Hasn't Risen

..........But I'll you this tale. Once upon a time one spring's dawn, when the violets were asleep, the sun rose slowly. She saw the sleeping violets and smiled. Suddenly the ground broke and a small violet. The small violet yawned. The other violets arose and congratulated mother her son's birth.
..........One old foreteller violet called all violets to predict new-born violet's future.
..........All were interested in the small violet's fate. When wise women wanted to tell word.
.........Suddenly The Wind blew and the small violet stole.
..........Mother violet was looking with full of tears but it couldn't move. The wind flew quickly,
..........Stole the violet in the air and the violet dropped in the field.
..........The hunter was glad because he couldn't hunt anything. He thought that he found.
..........Something. He drove away the dogs. The small violet had a small hope. The hunter had the small violet instead of booty. He got angry, he hit boot and threw it in the ravine.
..........Although in this spring the violet hasn't risen.

* * *
The Fate

..........It's very hot. The sun is shining on the ground very much. There are many flies in the air. When we felt very hot we opened the window. Suddenly the wind blew to the flies and all threw in the window. I took the fly's stick and killed innocent flies. It was miracle when I noticed two flies, they were embraced to each other as they were lovers. I hit to them.
..........One flew away, the second I killed. The saved fly suddenly flew in front of me and showed me with his eyes. "He, kill me, why are you waiting?" I petrified and dropped the fly's stick. He dropped just on the killed fly's head as lazy bones dropped on the flying pan. It was a difference that he dropped just our "hero" on the heart.

* * *
Once Upon a Time…

..........Once upon a time there was a small boy. His name was Nick. He was very strong, the strongest in the yard. He liked snow very mach. But the winter passed and the snow hasn't come yet. He saw the snow in the dream at night. In the morning mother always used to say "At night you always throw something. Maybe a snowball." He thought and continued to sleep.
..........Nickolozoba, Christmas and the New Year passed. In February was father's birthday. Today is 29 of February. Winter has already passed. The snow has come to say good-bye, but soon the sun rose and the snow began to melt. The boy got angry and threw the snowball to the sun. the snowball was very big and covered the sun. It was getting dark and Nick continued to play snowballs with his friends. He wasn't frightened in the darkness. He came home tired and was very wet. Mother changed the clothes and she went out to dry them in the sun, but the clothes didn't dry because the sun was darkened. Soon the boy felt cold, took the gun and went to the roof. He shot to the snowball. The snowball dropped down. The sun appeared. The clothes dried up and the people's hearts got warm. After this story in every winter the snow comes, in spring comes the sun.

* * *
The Fly's Enemy

..........One woman lives in our house. She is an unbeaten enemy of flies. This women is my grandmother. She thought that the fly doesn't give answer and she kills flies day and night with a cold instrument but she sleeps as a hen very early.
..........She had happened much "good" stories, but I'll tell you of them.
..........Once she was drinking tea at the table. Unfortunately a fat fly sat on the wall. Everybody saw it. My sister cried: "what a big fly " While she was finishing her words I cuffed her and she stopped speaking grandmother Nani understood everything. She look the cold instrument and hit the fly.
..........The fly dropped in my father's tea cup. My father began such roar that his roar was stronger then lion's. When he closed his mouth he stayed at the table alone with swimming fly in his tea cup together.