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* * *
The night was sobbing
With rains tear's,
On my palm they were dropping,
The night's tears cared on my lips,
The nice story in my dream keeps.
Wet angels came to me and asked me
A shelter together,
I laughed and thought what was happening
That day there,
Why were the angels asking the shelter.

* * *
The wind of May will flood the mountains,
The rivers and the seas,
The wind will water thirsty leaves,
and steals them for watering.
Then it will escape as love
In my small heart find nest forever.

* * *
April let me for flowers grief
I escaped from my verses and vanished
My grief,
The stubbornness flowers showed me a fine
You are happy when grief smiles to you

* * *
Today I have visited Galaktioni at home,
Homeless soul has got a shelter,
In the cold rooms wind was wandering
Neither sad nor happy.
There wasn't poet's lyre,
Unbuttoned suit was shabby,
It's color was sad
Today I've visited Galaktioniat home
The host wind there roamed.

* * *
I walked down the mountains and the seas,
I passed my border, my heart and the nature,
And I passed Georgian language
And have I ever passed my soul?

The Street's Children

Is this a country or a wolf's den?
We haven't a minute to breathe,
The child grows in this country then,
He will be like a wolf
And in this den dominates money
If you haven't money you won't get
Wolf's piece of bread
You won't get, won't never get.

* * *
The wind tore to pieces the willow's tree
And it threw me as tears
This tree was dying with grief
The tree knew that it was very weak
What would weak do to strong,
It cried and cried all day long
The wind tore to pieces the willow's tree
And it threw me as tears.

* * *
Perhaps they'll pick me as flowers
And throw somewhere in the ravine
Perhaps the life is such easy as curse,
The meadow, the mountains turned green.
But the green doesn't help
Perhaps they'll pick me as leaves,
And throw somewhere in the ravine,
People hurry up we have no time to breathe.

* * *
Without address the worm doesn't walk in the corner.
The bullet doesn't fly without address in the wind.
The pen doesn't write and print
Without address nobody rise their finger from the table
Nobody stand up without address from the soft armchair
Everybody must find our address everywhere.

* * *
I wanted to fly as a bird boy
Oh, what a small heard I had
I wanted to fly in my thoughts
But the wings I hadn't
It was in my dream
But really I was a boy not a bird
And I had a big heart.

* * *
The life flies and flies
This life never waits
Only and only poet stays
In our country.
The life will grow old sometimes
And it does voiceless and untimely
But the poet will live with his verses.

* * *
The life's eternity draws a lot of pictures
Who wants to fly in the sky
And who wants to live eternally
Who hides his dreams and doesn't want to die.

* * *
The life recalls us play
Beginning play,
Some is over, some is finished in the middle play,
Winner is agreed for the love
And doesn't remember beginning affair-play

* * *
I shan't be silent today
At least I shan't be silent
It must be said today's ache
Don't be silent our hearts break.
I saw in my dream
The bunch of flowers
They answered with weep
We shan't be silent and scream

* * *
My life's words are:
I shall try but I can't promise
If even you will be very stubborn
I shan't repeat I can't promise
It's just the life's is idea
I shall try, but I can't promise
If the life is reflected as black
Don't be afraid I shall be with you.